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Food and Bedding - Old Beams Kennels & Cattery 

Pet foods

Food For Your Pet

Here at Old Beams Kennels & Cattery we understand the importance of making your pet feel comfortable and at home. We feed each pet morning and evening, unless otherwise instructed and we stock an extensive range of cat and dog food; tinned, fresh, dry and treats so please let us know what your pet prefers when you book.

Some owners like to bring along their pet’s own food and/or treats which we are also happy to accommodate.

Bedding and Home Comforts

We provide cosy fleece bedding and hard beds of all sizes but if you would like to bring something familiar from home please do.

We often find that dogs and cats settle much better when they have home comforts with them, so we do encourage owners to pack something small from home that their pet can associate with. 

To discuss food and bedding requirements or for more information about our boarding kennels or cattery, don't hesitate to get in touch
Bedding for animals
Old Beams Kennels & Cattery, Maidenhead supply food and bedding throughout your pets' stay.
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